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Second hand Notebook Computer

Second-hand Notebook Computer

The computers had known a very big development during the last years. Not only that they got more and more advanced and with state of the art technologies included, but they also become smaller, thinner and lighter. And we are talking here about the laptops. They can do all the things that a desktop computer does, but they are also much smaller and lighter so they are really portable. Second hand Notebook Computer can save a lot of money.

So you can use the laptop anywhere you want, no matter if you are traveling with a train or a plane, or you are at a picnic or on top of a mountain. You won’t  need any AC adapter, because all laptops have an included battery, that can last for several hours. So it is no wonder that more and more people are buying a laptop instead of buying a new desktop computer. And in a few years there will probably be more notebooks than PC-s.

There are many companies that are offering good laptops and here are some examples: Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Asus, Acer, Fujitsu, MSI, Apple and others. Each company is offering many models of laptops, in all sort of colors and with all kinds of features and characteristics. When you decide to buy a laptop you can check out the offer of each company, and search for the one that is the best for you and for your needs. The notebooks are usually more expensive than the desktop computers. So if you really want to have a laptop but you don’t have enough money, you can choose to buy an used notebook computer.

You will find so many of them in so many places. For example you can search on auction sites such as or You will find many laptops here, offered by people all over the world. You can buy the desired product, and you will receive it by mail. But if you don’t trust the internet transactions, and you don’€™t want to be tricked and to receive something else  instead of a laptop, then you can go into some local retail stores close to you. Or you can search in the newspapers, and meet personal with the people that are selling the laptop.

Now let’€™s take a random used notebook computer that is for sell on, and discuss more about it. We’€™ll take for example the used ASUS P 4 2.8 Ghz, 512 RAM 120 HD. And as you can see on the site, the current bid price is just 35 dollars. So you might wonder how come this laptop is so cheap, because a new laptop usually costs more than 500 dollars, and some cost even 1.000 dollars. Well there is a little problem with this laptop. As the user says in the description, the notebook has minor scratches on the cover  and also a scratch on the palm rest. Well these are just minor problems, and the biggest one is with the operating system.

As the seller says, the laptop is starting, but it doesn’€™t boot into the operating system. The seller thinks that it may be a problem with the hard drive or RAM, but from what we are thinking there is a problem with the operating system. And a simple reinstallation of Windows might make it work. So if you want to take a risk, you can buy this laptop and hope that it will work when reinstalling the Windows. 35 dollars is not such a big amount of money. So if it doesn’€™t work you just spend 35 dollars€ but if it is working you will be left with quite a good laptop, for a price 10 times lower than the real price. It has an Intel Pentium 4 processor with 2.8 Ghz, a screen size of 14 inch, a hard drive of 120 GB and 512 MB or RAM memory.


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