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Rent A Laptop

Rent A Laptop

A person being able to rent a laptop would be a great way to get more laptops in the hands of people that can’t afford them on their own. Also people who only want a laptop for a short period of time would benefit from being able to rent one. Having a laptop or any kind of computer can increase the knowledge and productivity of many individuals.

They are great for entertainment through games and video websites also. The portability of laptops can mean that you could easily take them with you on business trips and vacations. If a person could rent one then they could have them for their vacation without having to spend all the money to purchase a brand new laptop.

While it is an advantage to be able to rent them there are a variety of things that a person should look for before renting a laptop. What the laptop can do in relation to what the person wants in a computer is the first.

A few examples would be if it is fast enough for people who want to surf the internet or if the graphics are good enough for people wanting to play video games. Secondly, people should look for what software is included with the laptop like anti-virus, word processing software, and internet access. If any of the preloaded software is subscription based, the length of the prescription should be looked at. Battery life and durability are always key factors when looking at a laptop for anyone for any reason.

When renting one the return policy and warranty would be helpful information also because they would need to be sufficient enough to cover standard usage problems. The price will definitely be a determining factor, whether it is contract price or annual rental fee. Other conditions of the contract like late fees, length of the rental, deposit amount, and conditions on the amount of the deposit to be returned and when are all necessary pieces of information before making a decision on a rental. You can also get a rented laptop for programming if you are a student.

Lastly, the condition of the product upon return should be known. If it has to be in too good of a condition, like practically unused, then it would not be good to rent. Some good places to rent them at would be major electronics stores like Best Buy and RadioShack, rental places like Rent-A-Center and large department stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Update: One of our readers, Larry Laven, sent us this list of things to remember when renting a laptop.

1. You will need have at least three references for most rental stores do not check credit to verify identity. But they will call the references to make sure you are who you say you are and how long they known you also most rental stores will have you complete and sign off on a contract that will bind you to certain conditions if the laptop is ever damage or stolen or if you make lapse in payment.

2. Know what kind of laptop you are going to rent. There are now Laptops and “Net books” and by that it means smaller lighter laptops that is not equipped with a DVD-Drive and not built to be the fastest but to be used for its portability and to quickly access the internet, uses USB devices to save data(IE usb flash drives) and not be used as a workhorse. Do a laptop comparison before renting.

3. Good to know how long you will be using it. Some rental stores charge by the week and others will charge you monthly and now some even let you rent by that day, so if you just need it for two weeks make sure you ask the customer service agent if there is a option to rent it weekly.

4. Decide if you do want to rent to own, some popular rental stores will give you the option to “rent to own” whereas you making rental payments to the purchase of a future laptop if you do like the laptop you are renting.

5. check out if the customer service agent has a laptop that you can test out before you rent the actual laptop, that way you know what you are getting and if that particular laptop is your style then you can choose that model or ask to test out a different one that suits you.

Reader Question: What tips would you give someone who wanted to rent a laptop?

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