MacBook Air MMGG2LL Reviews

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4.4/5 on June 27, 2017

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235 reviews


• This laptop is relatively light weight, making for somewhat easy transportation.
• It has an easy to navigate interface and can perform moderate programming tasks with ease.
• The screen resolution is outstanding and provides for ease of eyes when viewing the monitor Which, is very useful for programmers using the machine for a long duration of time.
• The battery life ranges from 8-10 hours until it needs to be plugged in and charged. This long battery life provides for a battery life stress free working environment.
• The CPU and 8 GB of RAM easily process moderately demanding tasks. Some background processes and applications can also be running while the user is working on the job at hand.
• This laptop is suitable for programming because of its high speed and large memory storage.
• Apple MacBook laptop has a unique design that attracts many people to purchase it from the market.
• It is quite light, thin, powerful, and easier to carry from one destination to another.
• Apple laptop support wireless internet (wi-fi) and enable the user to browse without many difficulties
• It has a comfortable keyboard facility to work with


• The pricing on this laptop is a bit high for what it offers regarding processing speeds.
• Demanding tasks slow down the computer noticeably. In addition, maintenance is key. Without proper maintenance over time, it will begin to run slower, disrupting pace that one can accomplish tasks.
• Many people also complain the keys on the keyboard stop working properly.
• The model itself is outdated, which is a bit frustrating for the price it is marked at. Overall, do not expect the best performance, as the specs are a bit outdated. Programming newer items can be difficult with this.


It is a quality computer for everyday tasks. For this reason, programmers might want to look into a laptop that provides more for what they pay. It is a decent laptop, however it can run pretty slow when it comes to intensely computational applications. In short, don't put a lot of applications running at the same time if you want good performance. If you do not mind maintenance of the software and build itself, then this device probably will work just fine for you. Opinions on this product vary due to the different uses people put it to. So, if it still sounds okay to you then this might be the fit for you.

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