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Trying to find the cheapest laptop out?

find the cheapest laptop
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If you’re not a very active computer user who is looking for the cheapest laptop, why should you spend 1000’s of unnecessary dollars? You shouldn’t! Finding the cheapest laptop is not as hard as you think.

The cheapest Laptop is ideal for Internet and Emails

If you’re just in the market for a laptop to browse the Internet and/or send emails you should definitely look for the cheapest laptop. Sure, you can spend lots of money for a new name brand laptop but if you’re just looking to use the laptop for simple tasks why spend the money on all the fancy latest features that you won’t use? Instead get a much cheaper ‘outdated’ name brand laptop loaded with features that will serve you some purpose. The money you save on a cheap laptop you could spend on faster internet connection, like DSL or Cable.

Of course if you’re looking for the cheapest laptop it will not have all the fancy options an expensive one would have but for basic needs it will have all the right parameters.

Personally, I followed my own advice and my needs have been fulfilled to the fullest. Four years ago, I searched for about 2 days for the cheapest laptop I could find and bought one for about $750. The laptop was not a name brand and only had about 330Hz and 32 MB of memory, but I have been really happy with it. I take it everywhere with me and I don’t really have to worry about losing it or damaging it in any way because it cost me so little. I use this laptop for emailing, typing and even just to listen to music. At first when I purchased the computer I was a little hesitant because I did not believe any thing so cheap would totally fulfill my needs, but after four long years the cheapest laptop I could find is still serving its purpose.

Where to get the cheapest laptop

When it comes to buying the cheapest laptop you will have some options. Your best bet for buying the cheapest laptop would be to go to the online discounters, like Online discounters sell all types of cheap laptops and these fall into some categories:

Refurbished laptops– These are laptops which had problems in the past and where returned or were slightly scratched or damaged before even sold. After fixing the problems the companies sell these laptops to online discounters or other used computer dealers. These laptops are in great shape and these deals should be taken advantage of!

Outdated laptops– If you’re looking for the most basic laptop, buying one from even a couple years back will save you lots of money and get the job done!

*All these laptops come with warranties and if you are not satisfied there are always extended warranty programs.

Minimum requirements for the cheapest laptop

If you want it the cheapest than what features should you be looking for? Let me (who’s still enjoying his 4 year old outdated laptop) show you what minimum requirements you should be looking for now, and you’ll see that the ‘cheapest’ will serve it’s purpose …

  • processor: 1GHz
  • memory: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) – it’s plenty
  • hard drive: 100 GB – can be upgraded later
  • display size: 14″ – most common size
  • CD-RW or DVD Drive
  • graphic card: 16MB memory – plenty for home/office imaging or graphics
  • built-in 56K modem
  • 2.0 hr battery
  • integrated Stereo Sound
  • Ethernet 10/100 NIC card – would be nice to have if you’re planning to upgrade your internet connection to DSL or Cable connection
  • software: Windows 7/8/10
  • 1 year Limited Warranty – 1 year is enough for potential problems to be found

If you’re looking for the cheapest laptop, you should try looking at

If you want to use the laptop for coding, It is impossible to find the best programming laptop at this price.

Buying the cheapest laptop is a great way for some people but if you’re really interested in making your laptop all it can be, try optimizing it with discount computer accessories. Refer to my port-replicator guide to find out how you can enhance your cheapest laptop.

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