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5 Best Keyboards For Programming

programming keyboards

I’m a professional programmer and I feel keyboard as my most powerful weapon while programming. While my eyes are stuck at the task in the monitor, my fingers play the keyboard. Whether it is simple programming or doing a brainstorming with complex analytical programming, I have found that it’s utmost necessary for me to find a suitable keyboard that helps to enhance my performance as a whole. While I’m spending hours for writing codes, using a great mechanical programming keyboard helps to keep my fingers pain free.

Finding the one that works best for me(or any programmer) was challenging. While selecting the best keyboard, I was aware of some generic features that a programmer friendly keyboard must have, such as -the feedback on key press, type of USB connection, keyboard layout and the size of the keyboard. I use Das Keyboard for myself and I would highly recommend this keyboard for programming. However, If you can not affoard this and looking for a cheap keyboard, I would recommend Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard for you.

I als0 checked a few other keyboards which are also good options. Here is a guide that may help you to find the 5 best programming keyboards for you in 2018

Best Programming Keyboards Lists 2018



Keyboards Review

1. Das Keyboard Model S


Das Keyboard

The Das Keyboard is probably the most recognizable mechanical keyboard on the market. If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard for programming, Das keyboard is for you.


  • NKRO on all models
  • Comes with Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Can handle up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • Provides a two-port USB hub
  • Comes with extra long USB cable (6.6 ft)
  • Uses Costar stabilizers
  • Available with Linux keycaps
  • Media keys: This keyboard has convenient key functions for media control like sleep, brightness +/-, mute, volume +/-, eject, play/pause, next and previous track
  • Laser-etched inscriptions on special Media Keys


  • This keyboard comes with a polished and attractive tasteful branding.
  • Two powered USB inputs are available on the Model S, making plugging in a wired mouse or other devices really easy and helps clean up your desk wiring
  • Costar stabilizers significantly reduce friction in key motion
  • If you get this keyboard directly from Das and, within 30 days, decide you don’t want it, you can return it for a refund.
  • Due to heavy base it is great for staying put and not sliding around the desk under energetic typing


  • Doesn’t come in tenkeyless variation, so not portable.

With the Cherry MX Browns the Model S Professional is very silent and suitable for an office environment. So if you are looking for keyboards for commercial office purpose, it is the best choice for you. But we will not recommend you for your personal usage if you are looking for a portable keyboard. Das Keyboard is one of the best keyboard for coding


2. Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard-Wireless Keyboar Review


Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard

WHY IT’S THE BEST PICK: High quality products, with awesome features within reasonable price.


  • 20% smaller than a full-size keyboard but provides all the functionality.
  • You can work for up to 3 years on 2 AA batteries (included in the package)
  • NO-LAG CONNECTION within 10m or 33 feet range

The Good Stuff:

It is very portable keyboard to use with laptop stands (save your neck/shoulder). Very good for programmers who work long time on computer.The number pad on the side is life saver for people who need to work with Excel or works with lots of data.

The Bad Stuff:

There are a few people who are not happy with this keyboard. Most of them tells that the setup process(assembly instructions) is hard for them. But if you need help for assembly, you can check assembly video on youtube or contact Logitect for support.

3. Filco Ninja Majestouch

wide-orangeFilco Ninja Majestouch

USA based Filco is currently leading the market in manufacturing the best programming keyboard. With several models available from Filco, each of them specialized with different characteristics. The most popular one is Filco Ninja Majestouch 2. This keyboard provides you with everything you want in a good programming keyboard.


  • Available with Switches Cherry MX (Blue, Red, Brown or Black)
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuation
  • Key caps with front printing
  • 3 efficient back lit keys
  • Front of the keys option
  • N-key Rollover function
  • 2 sets of Windows keys
  • Tenkeyless version is weighted 1 kg and full size version of 1.2 kg
  • USB cable length is 1.5 meters


  • Comfortable typing feeling
  • Superior build quality as a whole with a simple and clean design
  • Has 8 options available in the market
  • Due to non key roll over it accepts all types of key press
  • Avoids key label fading of key caps over the time due to front printing labels


  • You may not get an impressive packaging with it.
  • No number pad is available with this model.

If you are a programmer, then this model is ideal for it. But if you are looking for easy number crunching in your spreadsheet, then don’t go for it.

4. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid –a programming keyboard for beginners


CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

CM Storm is a premium manufacturer for programming keyboards. These products are a perfect choice if you consider a blending of performance with price.CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is one of the most popular products among users due to this reason.


  • Available with Cherry MX switches color options like Brown, Blue, Green, Red.
  • Laser processed durable key caps
  • NKRO via PS/2 cable
  • Removable braided USB cable
  • Switch enabled Windows disabling facility during game
  • Available in TKL version, as well with Full-Size version
  • Can take up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable command rate via key combos
  • Multimedia shortcut keys to control functions


  • It’s simple in design, and high performance in execution.
  • Great value for money
  • Comes with Cherry MX mechanical switches which is so far the best quality available switches in the market
  • Portable as the tenkeyless version weighs only 2.1 pound
  • Ergonomically designed and comes with comfortable typing angles.
  • Embedded steel plate under the keys provides extreme stability and durability
  • Comes with braided USB cable which is easily removable and comes with cable routing facility in any direction.


  • You cannot get alternative layout option like DVORAK
  • Modifier Fn key is built next to Ctrl key which is inconvenient to use for the new user.
  • No backlighting option available with this model
  • You cannot get spare parts from the manufacturer

This less expensive model is highly recommending for the beginners that aren’t positive the investment for their first programming keyboard.

5. Kinesis KB600 Advantage2 USB Contoured Keyboard


Kinesis KB600 Advantage2 USB Contoured Keyboard

Designed ergonomically, this keyboard stands different from the keyboard designs we’re all used to. Made with SmartSet programming technology, Kinesis advantage is ideal if you are spending longer hours with computers.


  • Ergonomics design.
  • Available with Cherry MX brown switch
  • Very programmable with Smartset Programming Engine
  • Supported by all operating systems like macOS, Windows and Linux, the keyboard comes with extra OS-specific keycaps.
  • Lighter weight only 1 kg.


  • Ergonomics design will help you to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome which often occurs due to constant strain in your hands when you’re typing for long hours. The keyboard is designed in such a way, so that the keys are separated and innovatively angled to rest your hands’ normal positions.  The concave wells minimize the distance of your fingers while travelling to reach a key which reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • Because of its uniqueness, is perfect to learn touch typing. Even for those, who were never able to learn it with common keyboards.
  • Because of its size, this keyboard stands firmly on the desk and doesn’t suffer from unwanted movement during use.


  • This model is not ideal for gaming
  • It is bit bulkier, so not portable because of its size
  • Takes time to get proficient with the keyboard

This model is the perfect choice for software professionals who spend long hours for coding and vastly use keyboard shortcuts along with command-line interfaces. If you are a beginner or using a computer for usual purpose, then don’t go for it.


6. Code Keyboard – Best for Apple Mac computers


Code Keyboard

This programming keyboard is definitely a worthy product, with a superior material quality that competes widely with other popular keyboards in the market. It comes with high quality switches with innovative design and impressive attention to detail. It also has many extra features useful for programmers. There are versions of different sizes (from 61-105 keys) and switches.



  • Comes with top quality Cherry MX mechanical key switches of Blue, Brown, Green or Clear colour.
  • Available with LED backlighting option with seven brightness levels
  • Rock solid body
  • Weighs over 2 pounds
  • Dual layer PCB board
  • With a textured finish the keyboard can resist fingerprints and scratches.
  • Comes with removable cables, which mean they’re easy to replace if broken.
  • Available with DIP switches which can disable the Windows key.
  • Compatible for other keyboard layouts.
  • Key combos using supporting combinations of up to six keys.
  • Comes with secondary media control functions.


  • This keyboard is built solidly, using sturdy parts made of robust materials. It’s mounted on a solid steel back plate. In this aspect, it’s comparable to other keyboards renowned for their build quality, such as those from the Ducky series.
  • With a textured finish the keyboard can resist fingerprints and scratches. Its back-lighting quality is high and elegant.
  • CODE keyboards come with removable cables, which mean they’re easy to replace if broken. This also has the added benefit of allowing for more customization options: braided cables, different coloured cables, or longer/shorter cables for different setups without having excess cables hanging around
  • Users can choose between versions that have and don’t have a numeric keypad
  • With the detachable cable and compatible dimensions, and light weight make it extremely easy to carry around.


  • This keyboard is pretty expensive
  • The manufacturer doesn’t supply spare parts, so you have to obtain it from third party.
  • Too small size of this keyboard may be difficult for big hands.
  • Connects only through USB. You will not get Bluetooth or other wireless connection mode in this keyboard.
  • Sometimes get out of stock in the market.

This isn’t the keyboard for everyone because it expensive. But if you are a very active typist with high budget and looking for a sleek design then obviously go for it. You can consider it as the best coding keyboard for most coders.

Pick up the best keyboard based on your needs and budget from the above-mentioned list.

48 responses to “5 Best Keyboards For Programming”

  1. Letha says:

    Is Das keyboard compatible with KVM switch?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      This keyboard is plug and play. If the KVM switch has a USB port you can use it with the keyboard without any drivers.

  2. Joesph says:

    how can I take screenshots with Das keyboard?

  3. Jaye says:

    how can I activate the function keys on the Das keyboard for Mac?

  4. Fausto says:

    I have just bought a Das keyboard. My keyboard spacebar gets stuck every now and then. Is it normal with mechanical keyboards?

  5. Bethann says:

    is it possible to connect a Mac and PC at the same time in the two USB ports of Das keyboard?

  6. Darin says:

    I see the cable of Das keyboard split into two separate cables, what are their functions?

  7. Susanna says:

    can I connect an Apple superdrive to a Das keyboard USB port instead of connecting it to the iMac?

  8. Barrett says:

    How can I activate functions of special keys such as volume up, brightness without pressing “Fn” key on Das keyboard?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      To set this, go to System Preferences >> Keyboard, uncheck ‘use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard as function keys’.

  9. Sadie says:

    How can I switch the buttons command and alt on Das keyboard?

  10. Darrick says:

    I have a Das keyboard for Mac. How can I send a file to the trash using it?

  11. Clay says:

    I want to buy a Das keyboard. Does it make a lot of noise while using?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      The keyboard is louder than normal keyboards. You can use Das keyboard “Cherry MX Brown” instead of blue on, they have tactile feedback and are less loud.

  12. Chae says:

    Is there any way I can mark the extra keys on Das keyboard? Can I buy letters for the keys?

  13. Omar says:

    What is the difference between Das keyboard model S “Cherry MX Brown” and “”Cherry MX Blue”?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      Blue and brown colours refer to model of the mechanical switches. Blue switches are more clicky and brown one’s are less clicky.

  14. Bell says:

    Where is Das keyboard made in?

  15. Jettie says:

    Is Das keyboard Professional model S keyboard backlighted?

  16. Matt says:

    Will the printed letters on Das keyboard fade away with time?

  17. Hillary says:

    I have a Das keyboard. How can I clean it easily?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      Use a good wire keycap puller to take the keycaps off , soak them in some warm detergent water, clean the inside of the board, then dry off the keys. When the board and keycaps are dry, put the keycaps back on. And it will be as good as new.

  18. Colby says:

    I want to buy Das keyboard. How long can it last?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      It can last upto 50 million keystrokes . So you can expect 10 times more lifespan then a usual Membrane keyboard.

  19. Meghan says:

    Which operating systems are supported by Das keyboard?

  20. Sam says:

    Can I use wireless mouse with Das keyboard?

  21. Kelvin says:

    Does Das keyboard work with Linux operating system?

    • Patrick Johnson says:

      Yes it does. You can even type multi-lingual scripts including European, Mid-Eastern, East,South Asian etc using ibus.

      • Loria says:

        what is the difference between Das Keyboard Ultimate Model S and Das keyboard Model S Professional?

        • Patrick Johnson says:

          Basically they are all the same with 104 key layout. But Das keyboard model S professional has key inscription which the Ultimate version does not have.

  22. Yuri says:

    I want to buy a Das keyboard. How can I connect it to PC?

  23. Noah says:

    I have Das Keyboard Model S. It is very good for programming.

  24. Cathy says:

    What a fantastic site, and a brilliant article.

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